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"KOBUK" Our first Mal and our best friend

Multi BIS,Multi RUBIS,BISS Grand Ch Skartik Nne Nasa Crkafat

Hello and welcome to our web site. We hope you enjoy the pictures of our dogs as much as we do. Nui-Inu as we call ourselves is a play on words, Nui = Big & Inu = Dog, hence we are Big-Dog kennels, for our breed we feel this suits just fine. We are located in the North Island of New Zealand in a country setting. The ideal place to have our beloved breed. All our dogs have been imported and are from well established and highly regarded American and Australian lines. We strive for excellence and enjoy showing our dogs in a competitive show environment. We have had some great wins with our dogs including 8 Best in shows, multi in show and multi Group wins, and the icing on the cake was achieving the title of New Zealands first ever Grand Champion Alaskan Malamute. We have been enjoying this breed for 12 years now but it is only this year that we intend to breed a litter of our own. It has taken us this long to finally own dogs we feel are of a standard to breed with and we look forward to producing, with fingers crossed some future champions. We are also the "First & Only" Alaskan Malamute Kennel in New Zealand to have achieved the title of "Grand Champion" with one of our dogs. "Craka" is the very first Grand Champion Alaskan Malamute in NZ. "Multi BIS, Multi RUBIS, BISS, Grand Ch Skartik Nne Nasa Crkafat"

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Res Best in Show NZ Ch Skartik Eeko Yuki Inu (Imp Aust) "YUKI"

Yuki, New kid on the block

Mutli Baby Puppy of Group wins Multi Reserve Bitch CC's as a Baby Puppy Multi Puppy of Group wins Multi Reserve Bitch CC's as a Puppy Puppy Stakes 5th place Hawkes Bay Kennel Multi Intermediate of Group Res Best of Group Res Best in Show

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NZ CH Nui-Inu Delta Strikes Back "DELTA"

Delta our home grown sweetheart

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Multi BIS NZ CH Nui-Inu Suka Aurora of Light "SUKA"

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NZ Ch Lagrota Smooth Mokachino(Imp Aust) "CHINO"

Champion at only 13 months of age Multi Baby Puppy in Show Multi Baby Puppy in Group Multi Puppy in Show Multi Puppy in Group Mutli age in Group winner Multi Best of Breed winner

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BIS NZ Ch Atupaka Rua Dixilicious(Imp Aust) "DIXIE"

Dixie - Best of Group Rotorua 2007

CHAMPION A Champion by 13 months of age Group winner from Puppy Class Multi Baby Puppy in Group Winner Multi Baby Puppy in Show Winner Multi Puppy in Group Winner Multi Puppy in Show Winner Multi 1st Place All Breeds Puppy Stakes Top 5 Place All Breeds Puppy Stakes Multi Best of Breed winner at under 12 months old Junior of Group Winner Multi Intermediate of Group Winner Multi Open of Group Winner Multi RU Best of Group Winner Multi Best of Group Winner Best in Show Winner Res Best of Group NZ National Dog Show 2009

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Celticfrosts Wkend Warior (Imp Aust) "ANKA"

Our dear old girl Anka, right up to the last she ruled with an iron paw. As head of the pack she is very much missed as both a loving friend and the pack leader.She leaves very big paws to fill !!! Anka is free now to join with her old mates Kobuk & Craka and meet once more with mum Kissy Furr at the Rainbow Bridge............. Head of the "pack" number 1 bitch

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BIS Ch Atupaka Rua Dixilicious "DIXIE"

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A day in the snow " Dixie & Monty"

Monty right at home in the snow

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Craka & Chino

Dixie - lazy dog

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Dixie & Shayne showing

Craka taking 5

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1st in Puppy Stakes, Wanganui


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"TANK" another head shot

Tank on his Auckland Holiday

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Aus / NZ Ch Lagrota Polar Blaidd (Imp Aust) "BLAIDD"

NZ Champion in 11 months RUBISS, Age & Dog Challenge in Specialty Show Multi Age in Show Multi Group winner Multi Age in Group All Blaidd's New Zealand achievements were done in under 1 year.

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Multi BIS, NZ Ch Lagrota Tommy The Tank (Imp Aust)"TANK"

Our happy boy "Tank"

Sadly Tank lost the fight with old age. At 13.1/2 years old he quietly slipped away to cross the Rainbow bridge.......All who met Tank will always remember a big beautiful boy with a temperament to die for...The gentle giant at Nui-Inu. Tank was the last of our original Aussie import pack and such a pleasure to have had him with us for so long. Thanks to Steve & Phil Cauchi @ Lagrota Kennels Australia for breeding such a legend. Alaways in our hearts Tanky boy, love you to bits big boy. NZ CHAMPION Multi Best in Show winner Multi age in Show Multi Group winner Multi age in Group

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NZ Ch Atupaka Ono Grimlock (Imp Aust) "RYDA"

New to Nui-Inu Kennels, Ryda (Atupaka Ono Grimlock) comes all the way from our good friends Jo & Bob at Atupaka Kennels Australia. Ryda comes to us as joint owners with Amanda Young and Ray Manson and he will be shown by both Amanda & Shayne. Ryda's show career starts late October 08 and with his great temperament and boyish good looks we have high hopes for him in the ring.

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BIS NZ Ch Nui Inu Monteiths Clasic Gold "MONTY"

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NZ Ch Skartik Can U Feel The Force (Imp Aust)


There's a new boy in town and he's a little sweetheart. Luke, our newest addition comes to us from Skartik Kennels in Australia. The home of our Grand Champion boy "Craka". Luke is from the same lines as Craka but with the addition of Powerpaw lines that include his grandfather, the legendary Multi-BIS, BISS Ch Barrenfield's Major Knockout "K.O" Our thanks to Andrea & Kieran for this great little package.

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BISS,Multi BIS/Multi RUBIS NZ GRAND CH Skartik Nne Nasa Crkafat (Imp Aust) "CRAKA"

Best in Specialty Show (judge Nancey Russell USA)

The passing of an Alaskan Malamute legend. Our dear boy Craka lost his battle with cancer and passed away suddenly on 25th June 2009. It has torn a hole in our hearts but we go on with all the fond memories we have of this truely amazing boy. Loved by all who new him, both friends and competitors in the show ring. He has left his mark in the dog world and leaves behind some very large shoes (booties) to fill. We miss you my friend, but you will always be in our thought's. Love you mate.....Run Free First ever Grand Champion Alaskan Malamute in New Zealand Dog CC & Best of Breed & Group Finalist NZKC Pro Plan National Dog Show 2006 Finalist Best in Show Stakes, NZKC National Pro Plan Dog Show 2006 New Zealand "GRAND CHAMPION" All Breeds Reserve Best in Show 23/09/06 All Breeds Best in Show 24/09/06 All Breeds Open in Show 24/09/06 All Breeds Best in Show 08/07/2006 All Breeds Open in Show 08/07/2006 All Breeds Best in Show 04/06/2006 All Breeds Open in Show 28/05/2006 Specialty Best in Show, Breed Specialist judge, Nancy Russell (USA) Multi Best in Show Non-Sporting & Utility Champ Show Intermediate in Show Non-Sporting & Utility Champ Show Open in Show Non-Sporting & Utility Champ Show Mutli Age in Show Multi Best of Group Multi Res Best of Group Multi Age in Group wins Finalist / 4th place, 2002 National Utility "Dog of the Year"

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Ellandar Darkas Nite (Imp Aust) "KOBUK"

We Have A Secret We have a secret, you and I that no one else shall know, for who but I can see you lie each night in fire glow? And who but I can reach my hand before we go to bed and feel the living warmth of you and touch your wolly head? And only I walk woodland paths and see ahead of me, your graceful form racing with the wind so young again, and free. And only I can see you swim in every brook I pass and when I call, no one but I can see the bending grass. In loving memory of our first boy "Kobuk" A very happy and loving best friend we had the pleasure of sharing 13 great years with....Will always be missed but never ever forgotten.......Run free my old friend. Born the best looking soft coat, no show dog here. Best pet ever.

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Email: Shayne & Vivien Douglas
New Zealand
Ph: 64 6 367 3327

New Zealand

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